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英语补习班面试说课篇一:面试教案_初中英语1 初中英语(八年级下册) 一、概述 本课是义务教育课程标准实验教科书人教版英语八年级下册Unit 5 if you go to the party, you’ll have a great time!中的第一课时的内容。 学习新句型have a good time,新单词If you ?. You’ll..(由if引导的条件复句从句) 复习旧知,联系新知,丰富教师的词语,训练学员的听说素质,提高教师的语言利用能力。 二、教学目标预测 (一)知识与技能: 1.学习新单词have a great time; 2.学习句型I think I’m going to go to the party with Karen and Ann。 If you do, you’ll have a great time.为自主学习和阅读奠定基础。 (二)过程与技巧: 1.能够借助学生说、两两说和自主听读感受交际式英语教学的一般过程,掌握英语听说的基本原则; 2.能够借助两两说和综合说感受合作学习的过程和技巧; 3.能够认真聆听教师和朋友的讲话,有语言抒发和与同事交流的梦想。

(三)情感心态与价值观: 1.激发和保持教师英语学习的动因,实现“趣能”两得; 2.在学员两两交流和小组合作交流中,培养孩子合作观念和合作精神,能够相互配合完成一段通顺流畅的做事训练。 三、学习者特征分析 1.学生是根河市阿龙山镇中学八年级的教师; 2.学生将要学习了一般以后语法与一般目前时态; 3.学生认知活跃,善于和朋友交流,乐于表达自己,渴望得到老师和学生的赞扬; 四、教学思路选择与设计 1.师生示范策略:教师通过和1~2个学生的口语交际,给全班同学的两两说话练习作示范,让教师知道两两说话的内容和方法; 2.自主听读策略:学生借助自主听读材料,在完成课标要求的基础上练习听说素质,积累和丰富英语词汇和句子; 五、教学资源与软件设计 1.本节课是在八(3)班多媒体网络教室中完成的; 2.中学人教版英语八年级下册课本; 3.拓展资源:一首英文歌词; 六、教学过程 Step1:Warm up 1.Greetings(师生问候); 2.Revision(多媒体播放乐曲,创设情景,引发动机。让教师听、说、做、演进行律动,活跃气氛,营造一个良好的学习英语的气息,缓和师生心中激动的心情,为下面的学习打下基础。

) Step2:Presentation talk(讨论): If you have 5 million dollars, what will you do?( 化解教学难点,与教师共同讨论“如果你有五百万,你将做什么?”,并复习使用一般以后语法。) Step3 Section A (新授重点词汇) 1. Draw some simple before-and-after pictures on the blackboard(教师在黑板上画两幅简笔画) students to talk about what they can see in the pictures(要求学员解释,教师提出重点句子if引导的条件复句从句) phrase (新单词)Have a great time 反馈检测 1. Read the instructions to the class 2. Match the statements and responses(注释原文及跟读掌握课本大意,使教师认识课文的基本内容) 巩固操练 1. Read the instructions to the class 2. Play the recording(听录音,呈现过程,形成表象) 3. Check the answers Step 5 1c 1. Give some advice(小组合作.提供示范,正确操作) 2. Talk about(讨论) :If you play computer games too much If you study hard, you’ll?(演绎原理,引起思辨) Step 6 Summary and Homework 1. Ask students to summary(归纳小结,复习巩固) 2. If I am going to have a party, what will I do? (write a letter) 教学流程图略 七、教学评价设计(学生作业分=课堂评价得分+课外作业得分) 八·板书 篇二:英语试讲说课 小学四年级下册Unit 1 Our School 教案 教师:黄小燕 对象:四年级 课时:40 minutes 课题:Unit 1 Our School 第二课时 教学目标:让教师熟练掌握句型art room, computer room, music room, TV room, wash room. 教学重点、难点、:掌握part B部分的五个单词,以及这几个单词中 room的词义功能。

教具准备:单词卡片,图片,多媒体课件,声音。 教学过程: 一:课堂导入 (2分钟) T: Hello, kids! Nice to meet you again! Last time, we have learned the part A of unit1 our school. Now ,let’s go over what we learn. 二:复习 (5分钟) Guess, where am I? 1. T: Look at me. I am playing basketball. Where am I ? S: playground. T: Good! Playground. (教师出示卡片) 2. T: Ok, listen carefully! Wow ,the flowers are so beautiful. Where am I? S: garden. T: garden?(教师怀疑的表情) T: yes, you are right. Garden. 3. T: Be quiet! Many students are reading books. Where am I? Who knows? Hands up, please! S: library. T: Is she right? T: You are so clever. 4. T: Now, class is over. I’m so hungry, where should I go to have dinner? S: canteen. T: very good! 5. T: This is my homework. I must hand it in to teacher. Where should I go? Put up your hand, please. S: teacher’s office. T: oh! Wonderful. Let’s clap for her. 教师小结上节课的词组,带读。

三:呈现新课(12分钟) 1、 过渡 (2分钟) T: Well done! You do a good job. Today, we continue our lesson, unit1 our school, part B. Open your book, turn to page7. let’s chant. Read the context and do the action. Do as I do. Let’s chant: School days, School days. What a lot of fun! Read in the library. Water flowers in the garden. Eat in the canteen. Play in the playground. School days, School days. What a lot of fun! 2、 呈现新句型 (2分钟) T: well done. Please look at the picture. (1) T: what are they doing ? S: 画画 T: yes, we can say it art. (教师板书art) T: they draw pictures in a room. So it is an art room. 教师板书art room,带读。

(2) T: What are they? S: they are computers. T: yes, it’s a computer room. (3)T: Listen! (教师播放音乐) . what is she doing? S: singing. T: clever. Music. she is singing in a room. So it is music room . (4) T: what’s this? S: TV. T: yes. And it’s a room. So it’s TV room. (5) T: what are they doing ? S: wash. T: where is it? S: wash room. T: yes, you are right. 教师带读新句型。 3、 Practice.(3分钟) T: Excellent, now , the class is divided into five parts. Art room, computer room, music room, TV room and wash room. When the teacher say art room, all of you say “art room, stand up” together. And the part stand up and say louderly “art room. Here.” Which part do better, they will get a big hand. Are you clear? T: ok! Stop here. Which part is better? Let’s give them a big hand. 4、 play a game(3分钟) 小组竞赛,分为两个小组,每组派一个记分员。

当老师拿出照片时,两组站起来抢答英语培训机构面试试讲,哪组答得又对又快就加分,答对加分英语培训机构面试试讲,答错扣分。输的那组要表演跳舞。Ok? 5、 读顺口溜,巩固新句型。(2分钟) 在读绕口令时,遇到新句型要拍掌。 四、课堂小结 (1分钟) That is all for today. Today, we learn the new words…. Do you have any questions? Here’s your homework. Make a school map, and introduce it to your parents. Are you clear? Are you happy? Clap for ourselves. 来源:中师教育 篇三:初中英语面试教案万能模版 Teaching Aims: Knowledge aim: Students will know Lin Fei’s daily life and some good habits at their home. Ability aim: Students will improve their listening and speaking skills. Emotional aim: After this lesson students would like to learn to arrange their life and form good habit in the daily life. Teaching Key and difficult Points: Teaching Key Points: Students will understand this passage by listening and make a time line of Lin Fei’s life. Teaching Difficult Points: How to describe their own life style of the school day? Teaching Procedures: Step 1 Warming-up Do a survey: ask students to fill the questionnaire (with different daily activities and time point, students just need to mark the activities in their time) and invite some students to share. Step 2 Pre-listening Show some pictures about Lin Fei’s day and ask students “what does Lin Fei do in a day? Step 3 While-listening Play the tape recorder and ask students some question. Q: What is the distance between his school and home? Play the tape recorder another time and give students some other questions to practice their listening again. Q1: When should Lin Fei go to school? Q2: How long will it take Lin Fei to ride to the bus station? Listen to the tape for the third time and then students should describe Lin Fei’s daily life in their own words. They will have 3 mines to prepare it. Step 4 Post-listening Ask students to look their questionnaires which they filled at the beginning of the class and give them 5 min to make a short story of their daily life, later some students will share the stories in front of the class. Teacher should give them a guidance of health life style. Step 5 Summary and homework Summarize this lesson with students, and then ask them to design a new schedule of their daily life after the class, they will share during next lesson, they also need to read the new passage two times to consolidate the new knowledge. Blackboard Design Teaching Reflection


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